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ISCA welcomes young, bright and energetic people who have a knack to morph creative thinking abilities with rational thinking. If you find yourself driven by an passionate force towards towards Creative Design and Arts, you have landed onto the right place.

Our Admission Process

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Walk-in : Seeing is believing, so walk in to design your future. Take a stroll through our campus, witness our facilities, meet our experts and breathe in the creative liberation that emulates from our campus every day.
Counselling : We understand the importance of choosing a path that will define who you become. Sit through several counselling sessions with our experts who’ll help you choose the best field and create the ideal path for your success.
Aptitude Test : Immerse yourself in a series of tests which will determine your skills, abilities and knack to ensure that your future is secure. We will provide you with the results and guide you to a forte, you were born to blossom in.
DAT (Design Aptitude Test) : Our Design Aptitude Test has been created to ensure that you are placed in the right field. Through a series of simple questions, we will test your visual spatial aesthetics, observational skills, theoretical inclination and creative abilities.
Portfolio Evaluation : As a free spirit, keen to follow Creative Arts & Design, we are sure that your creativity has spilled out to create wonders in myriad forms. Show us your talent in your creative portfolio, so we can assure you that your dream is crafted into a reality.

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