BA Event Management

BA Event Management

Event Management is a growing area in the field of business and hospitality. Professionals in this field are required to conceptualise, plan and organise a multitude of different kinds of events, ranging from a political rally, an award show, an exhibition, fashion show or major sports or music event.

Arts and design schools in Kochi
Arts and design schools in Kochi

Why do an BA in Event Management

Organising a successful and ultimately profitable event requires the events management team to identify the target audience, possibly on decide the theme for the event, source support acts for the event, plan the logistics, PR, marketing and identify and mitigate to any risks identified. Events managers also ned to be agile and flexible so that they can take action where plans change, sometimes even at the last minute.

Here at ISCA aspirant events management professionals can pursue an event management programme at undergraduate (UG) level & at postgraduate (PG) level.

At the UG level, the course offered is three years in duration.

You will learn about the demands of the wide variety of events that are in scope and about project management, managing the cash flows and profitability, managing the usually temporary or out-sourced human resources, aspects of public safety and how to deal with crises when they arise.

After successfully graduating with a UG BA in Events Management, graduates can gain employment in these job areas:

Event Planner: being responsible for planning all the details of an event. The event can be a conference, corporate event or a large scale wedding. An Event Planner makes a detailed plan for the event right from the theme, logistics to the budget and security considerations.

Exhibition Organiser: the job profile of an exhibition organiser is similar to that of an event planner. The primary difference being that an exhibition organiser plans as well as executes trade fairs and exhibitions.

Stage Decorator: responsible for designing the stage layout for the event.

Wedding Planner: A wedding planner helps clients plan the various wedding functions and offers services in working out details like finding the venue, costing the event, organising in accordance with the wedding theme, sourcing catering services for the menu and logistics such as car hire.

With some of the best event management companies and with entrepreneurs running their own companies managing a huge array of events around the world, our training at ISCA speaks volumes about the innovative methods used by the institute to develop professionals in the field.