BA New Media Art

BA New Media Art

Masters degree in communication design

ISCA is working in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS),UK to deliver the Undergraduate Program of BA New Media Art. The students who completed the Professional Diploma in Creative Arts & Design are eligible for getting an entry in to the BA New Media Art program (One Year in Duration).

The Professional Diploma in Creative Arts & Design is an Undergraduate Diploma of ISCA recognized by the Chartered Society of Designers (CSD), UK. Upon the successful completion of the Professional Diploma; students can transfer 240 Credits to the BA New Media Art Program and graduate with the University of the West of Scotland by achieving another 120 Credit through the BA Program.


You’ll develop your artistic practices by trying your hand at a range of different creative mediums, including illustration, animation, live media, installations, projection mappings, creative coding and VR.

Over the course of this programme, you’ll create a comprehensive portfolio which will showcase your talents and give you a competitive edge when entering the job market.

By keeping up with cultural trends, the BA New Media Art programme will equip you with the creative and critical learning skills to effectively explore the relationship between art-making and emerging media technology within social, political and historical contexts.

Course Details

BA New Media Art aims to provide a creative and critical learning platform where students explore diverse relationships between artmaking and emerging media technologies. You will discover/rediscover and develop your creative practices through the following four phases:

– Image-based: Photography, Illustration and Collage
– Time-based: Film, Animation, Installation Art, Participatory Art
– Space-based: Projection Art, Sound Art, Immersive Media
– Specialism-based: Portfolio Development, Independent Projects

Throughout the course, you will learn historical, contemporary, cultural and social contexts of new media art and will be introduced to a range of media technologies that can be utilised in arts and other creative applications.

New media technologies and contexts introduced each year will encourage you to become experimental in learning and utilising technologies in art making, critical in situating your practices at a historical, social, cultural and political context. You will also work within or across fine art, conceptual art, installation art, film, animation, graphic design, illustration, projection art, sound art, interactive art, immersive art, community arts or/and education. New Media Art captures the technological innovations which now inform and connect all aspects of contemporary life – providing a way to understand and communicate the relationships between people, places and things. This creative field is now recognised as being one of the fastest growing creative art forms in the world today – with exciting directions being forged by an upcoming generation of artists who
recognised the intersections between creative art practice and new technologies.

Course Structure

The student has to complete the following UWS modules to graduate.

Module Titles Credits

Creative Interventions 20
Moving Image & Time-based Art 20
Projection Art 20
Research in Creative Practice 40
Creative Animation for Artists 20

You will learn a range of space-based art makings including projection mapping, creative coding, sound art to develop practical understandings and skills of dimensions of space (architectural, algorithmic, cross-modal) meanwhile, optional modules will become available to help you develop your specialism by learning 3D animation, artist moving image or 360- degree film/virtual reality.

In addition to this, you will further develop their academic and research skills through working on practice review, curatorial project, annotated bibliography and research proposal.

Course Prospects

As a graduate, your broad range of artistic and technological skills and experience will create a diverse range of career opportunities across fine art, illustration, media art, animation, moving image, theatre design, projection art, community arts and art education but also academic
opportunities to pursue postgraduate studies.

Entry Requirements

The students who completed the Professional Diploma in Creative Arts & Design are eligible for getting an entry in to the BA New Media Art program (One Year in Duration).