BSC(Hons) Interactive Media and Coding

BSC(Hons) Interactive Media and Coding

Offered at Kochi and Bangalore Campuses

Best Game development colleges in Kerala
Best Game development colleges in Kerala

The structure of the BSc (Hons) Interactive Media and Coding has been designed to give students the best possible opportunities in the Game Development field, equipping them with the required competencies, knowledge and skills and enabling them to be ‘industry-ready’. The program has been developed in accordance with Indian educational standards. Combined with a comprehensive understanding of the market requirement, employer needs and job opportunities in India and abroad.

This course focuses on students who are interested in becoming a game programmer. Making games is a creative and technical art form. Our program will familiarize students with the current generation for game engines and tools and teach them the best practices for the game development process. Students will develop their own game using industry-standard software and tools such as game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity for various platforms from Mobile to VR using various programming tools like C++, C#. At the end of this course, students will have completed their game project and will be able to leverage an array of game development techniques to create their own games.

Games are both a powerful communication medium and an art form, to develop any game it requires a very strong technical background. The undergraduate game development course aims to develop students’ skills so that they become adept in developing digital games for various platforms. Through the study and analysis of the game design theories and exercises in problem-solving using programming, the game development course explores game development history, various tools and techniques to develop game assets, theory and practical background in programming language and current generation technological advancement in-game production. The course develops students’ critical, creative and technical abilities, enabling them to analyze game design mechanics and problem-solving during the game development process.

Enable graduates to develop a high level of professional and transferable skills in order to maximise employment, further education and career-long development opportunities. Influence and enhance the learning experience of students by illustrating to them at an early stage in their professional development career the importance of their chosen subject to the wellbeing of society.

Career Opportunities include:

  • 3D Unity Game Developer
  • Unity Programmer
  • Game developer
  • Creative Director
  • Game Software Engineer
  • JavaScript Developer – Game Engine
  • Lead Game Developer