Course Description

The M.A. in Creative Arts & Design with the core subject of Advertising Design is a two-year rigorous programme, offering a curriculum equipped to nurture students to rise in the field of Advertising. As per the reports of FIICI – KPMG, advertising is one of the fastest growing fields contributing to an expansion in the Indian economy. Students will be trained to nurture their faculties, through a vigorous simulation focusing on the process of conception, production, circulation and audience reception of Advertisements. Through this curriculum, students skills and specialities will be nuanced to participate as professional qualified artists of the craft.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding of Product
Demand and Supply

Market Research
and Analysis

Design Theory of

Conception and Production
in Advertising

Contemporary & Advanced
Forms of Technology

Contemporary & Advanced
Forms of Software

Career Opportunities

  • Copy Writer
  • Art Director
  • Concept Artist
  • Visualizer
  • Graphic Illustrator
  • Design Manager
  • Layout Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Brand Manager



M.A.(Hons) in Advertising Design


Course Duration

2 Years



Undergraduate Degree in any discipline from a Recognised University


Admission Criteria

Personal Interview (PI)

The Advertising Design covers the following Qualification Packs of Media & Entertainment Skill Council of National Skill Development Corporation which enables students to achieve the Dual Qualification along with the Degree.

  • Director of Photography MES Q 0901 (Photography)
  • Graphic Designer MES Q 0601 (Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects, Graphic Designer)
  • Junior Graphic Designer MES Q 0602 (Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects, Graphic Designer)
  • Assistant Graphic Designer MES Q 0603 (Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects, Graphic Designer)

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