Course Description

The M.A. in Creative Arts & Design with the core subject of Game Art & Design is a two-year rigorous programme, offering a curriculum to not merely possess the aptitude to interact, study and create captivating and engaging games but to master the art of conceptualization, and execution. The creative simulations, discourses and technical knowledge within this curriculum strives to help students accentuate their original ideas to match the demands of the Game Designing markets. Students will be trained to enhances their skills behind the conception, production, and distribution of a Game; thereby, mastering the nexus of shifting from an idea to a game and also, fine-tuning their abilities to participate in the competitive market of Gaming with revolutionary ideas and a promising work ethic.

Learning Outcomes

Production of Games:
Visualization, Design, Production

Theory of
Game Design

Technicalities to creation:
Characters, Levels, Design Document

Various Contemporary and
Advanced Technologies

Game Portfolio developed for Web,
iOS, Android and Consoles

Career Opportunities

  • Game Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • 3D Polygon Modeller
  • 3D Environment Artist
  • 3D Game Artist
  • Asset Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Character Animator
  • Effects Animator


M.A.(Hons) in Game Art & Design


Course Duration

2 Years



Undergraduate Degree in any discipline from a Recognised University


Admission Criteria

Personal Interview (PI)

Note: students who have completed 3 years of Diploma from a recognized University or Government Institution after 10th are eligible

The Game Art & Design covers the following Qualification Packs of Media & Entertainment Skill Council of National Skill Development Corporation which enables students to achieve the Dual Qualification along with the Degree.

  • Character Designer MES Q 0502 (Animation, Game Art & Design)
  • Layout Designer MES Q 0503 (Animation, Game Art & Design)
  • Lighting Artist MES Q 0504 (Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects)
  • Animator MES Q 0701 (Animation, Game Art & Design)
  • Animation Director MES Q 1302 (Animation, Game Art & Design)
  • Modeller MES Q 2501 (Animation, Game Art & Design)
  • Rigging Artist MES Q 2502 (Animation, Game Art & Design)
  • Texturing Artist MES Q 2503 (Animation, Game Art & Design)

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