The Chartered Society of Designers

In creating its innovative and employment focussed BA and MA degree programmes in Creative Arts and Design, ISCA sought to consult not only with the University of the West of Scotland, a high ranking academic institution but also with the UK based Chartered Society of Designers (CSD), the internationally recognised body for the design profession.

ISCA has proudly achieved ‘CSD Recognition’ for its BA and MA degrees in Creative Arts and Design, thus providing further assurance of the validity of these degree programmes.

As an added benefit to our students at ISCA, all students on these programmes will be able to enrol as student members of the Chartered Society of Design and will thus benefit from being members of an international design community, as well as the reassurance that their programme is approved by the esteemed Society.

The Chartered Society of Designers provides support and guidance for designers at every stage of their career ‘From Learning to Earning’ ™. CSD champions professional design practice by offering a range of programmes and initiatives, including programme approval and guidance to support members, designers and those studying and teaching design. This in turn delivers benefit to the wider design community and society.

On completion of their degree programme our students are automatically eligible to become Associate Members of CSD  and are encouraged to retain and develop their membership of the Society in order to demonstrate their commitment, expertise and recognition in the field of design and to develop links within the international design community eventually progressing to achieve Chartered Designer status.

In 2011 Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II granted the Society the sole power to set up and maintain The Register of Chartered Designers. At the same time the Society was also granted the power to award the title of Chartered Designer. Chartered Designer status is awarded to designers who demonstrate and maintain the highest standards of professional design practice and is the ultimate international recognition of professional practice which identifies a designer’s specific design specialism.

CSD’s mission is to prepare the creative communication designers of tomorrow to foster creativity in India an internationally.