Entry requirements: Degree Course Completion in any stream or any programme.

PG Studies in Communication Design in VFX (15 months)

The future is here! With technical knowhow and expertise, prepare to embark on a career in the entertainment and broadcasting industry as a visual effects specialist.

The emphasis is on a job that will tick box all the aspirations you had as an under graduate, which will soon take shape as we hone your skills and coach you to be the professional the industry is waiting for.

PG Studies in Communication Design in Graphic Design (15 months)

A career as a graphic artist involves pre design and visual communication, through the digital media to create awareness, attract and garner attention. Be it a corporate house, an individual or a Government enterprise, brand identity is super important and from there all communication begins.

The graphic designer is much sought after by the industry for his/her design inputs and exemplary digital skills, which ISCA will train you to acquire and practise.

PG Studies in Communication Design in Animation (15 months):

It’s all about movement, about bringing to life and to tell stories that only the audio visual medium can do best! Animation has applications in almost every industry that deals with communication, be it to sell products, entertain people of all age groups or to create awareness.

When you finish your program with ISCA, expect to work with some professional industry names where your technical skills and expertise will stand you in good stead in the work front.

PG Studies in Communication Design in Photography (15 months):

A specialised program in Photography will equip you to take off as a professional photographer, fully trained in the different types and aspects of photography and the applications as well as the technical inputs that will improve the output of any photograph you select.

More than just the pictures you click, it is about the mood, the story or the moment captured in a single image. ISCA will teach you to make your dream of professional photography a reality!