Entry requirements: Plus Two Course Completion in any stream or any programme.

Advanced Professional Program VFX (2 years):

 Today’s industry is all about making an impact while telling a story in any and every medium possible. Special effects that are well rendered make all products sell and a film like Bahubali a super success!

A lot of it is about expert use of technology and good training in the basics. After that, like they say, the sky is the limit! ISCA will give you the necessary grounding in the technical while also touching upon the creative aspects of VFX.

Advanced Professional Program Graphic Design (2 years):

Everywhere we see, there is scope for communication. Simplification of communication, reaching the right audience in the right way is key to making the user aware and further willing to make a purchase.

Everyone needs an identity. A product, a person, a corporate needs to be known fro their ideals, vision etc through an identity first, ISCA will ensure that you get all the tools for creating identity and use graphic design to its best potential.

Advanced Professional Program Animation (2 years):

As long as the human is addicted to the electronic screen, animation will rule! Be it a hand held device or fancy flat screen TV, there is no forgetting how animation quietly, but surely moves things and makes them an integral part of our everyday life.

Can you imagine a life without Tom and Jerry or entertainment for children without Chota Bheem. ISCA will enable you to learn the basics ready for application in the industry like an expert.