At ISCA we all know that while studying for a degree is very fulfilling and really enjoyable, but at the end of it you need to be sure you will get a great job and eventually a fulfilling career.
Our Creative Arts and Design Programmes are designed totally with future job roles in mind.

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During your Undergraduate Creative Art and Design programme you will be able to specialise in a particular Specialist Pathway that will open up jobs in for example Graphic Design or Photography ( link to full list of Pathways).

If you are considering our MA in Creative Arts and Design, this programme will provide you with insights into the business of design and will enable you to specialise in one area of the creative industry, for example animation or game design.

So where are the jobs? The entertainment and media industries are growing rapidly in India. The Indian film industry is the largest producer of films globally with 400 production and corporate houses involved in film production and it continues to grow. The population of India is also young and increasingly technologically smart. This means that demand for good quality digital content will continue to rise. Digitization, which is now extending to rural areas, has led to a significant increase in demand for digital content in alternative platforms. Then the higher purchasing power of Indian economy, backed with a high population of young Indians and the penetration of Smartphone and high-speed internet, has also created demand for creative content. All in all, our ISCA degrees at both BA and MA, will open up exciting job and employment opportunities in the vibrant and growing entertainment, media and design industries.

Your Creative Portfolio

As part of the programme itself you will produce a portfolio of your creative work that you can use to showcase your talents to employers.

Work Experience

At ISCA our students have an opportunity to gain vital learning and industry insight by engaging in work experience. This experience will give you the competitive edge in the job market.

Soft Skills

As well as creativity and flair employers look for those who have soft skills like being able to work in teams, or to tight deadlines and to be resilient and persuasive. You will acquire and practically demonstrate these skills during the programmes.