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6 Interesting Job-oriented Creative Courses for You

6 Interesting Job-oriented Creative Courses for You

6 Interesting Job-oriented Creative Courses for You

Are you confused which course to prefer  ? This guide will show you 6 best job oriented creative courses. Certain careers in business are based on creativity & imagination. Check out the creative career areas & choose the best one for you,



Career in animation has more opportunities as compared to the traditional careers. Many industries like advertising, film industry, video making, game development opens door to the Creative Career.


There are many types of jobs in animation,

  • Animator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Art Director
  • Flash Animator
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Stop Motion Animator


Graphic Design

Mixing up your creativity & computer graphics talent can secure your career in graphic design industry. There are many career opportunities for a graphic designer. A graphic designer communicate his ideas through his creative & inspire customers.

graphic designing

Graphic designer plays a vital role in every industry such as marketing firm, advertisement agency etc. Here’s the list of graphic designing jobs,

  •  Multimedia Designer
  • Logo Designer
  • Flash Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Creative/Art Director


Visual Effects

VFX Industry is the fastest growing industry in recent years. A career in Visual Effects Industry is rewarding and satisfying for young tech people.

visual effects

Following are the best career opportunities in VFX,

  • Layout Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Match Mover Artist
  •  Roto Artist
  • Compositing Artist


Game Art & Design

In game art and design, the artist create new games, design characters & test the final product. Salary for the artist varies based on his or her experience. Game artists and game designers can gain their skills through educational programs like doing creative arts degree programs or post graduate program in creative arts.


Photography careers are very essential to almost all industries.  These industries require highly creative photographers who has the knowledge of modern and traditional imaging technology. Your photo shooting passion is needed by newspapers & agencies.


Here are some high demanding photography career options,

  • Portrait Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Scientific Photographer
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Photojournalist/News Photographer

UI & UX Design

UX & UI designs have become the hot topic in and out of the tech scene. UX designer can enhance the user satisfaction by improving pleasure in the interaction between user & product. On the other hand, UI Designer is focusing interface elements to fulfill the goal within an application. Career in UI & UX is quite interesting and highly demanding.