MA in Communication Design

This course prepares you for an exciting career in the dynamic industry of communication design. The practice-based core curriculum helps you to master compelling skills needed to excel in the industry.

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Liverpool John Moores University

ISCA is working in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) to validate the Undergraduate & Postgraduate offerings in Communication Design.

Liverpool John Moores University is a public research university in the city of Liverpool, England. The university can trace its origins to the Liverpool Mechanics’ School of Arts, established in 1823. Liverpool John Moores University is a distinctive, unique institution, rooted in the Liverpool City Region but with a global presence. Liverpool John Moores University ranking, the university has been ranked 66 for 2020 and 2021 by The Complete University Guide – University Ranking (UK). The university has also been ranked 70 for 2021 by The Guardian – University Rankings. Liverpool John Moores University(LJMU) partners with likeminded institutions and organisations within the UK and around the world to deliver their learning programmes. By working closely with high-quality learning providers they ensure that the partner students receive an equivalent educational experience to those students based at the LJMU campus.

This program helps you to develop your artistic, technical and practical skills in creating design that are essential to contemporary communication.

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn the tools and techniques required to bring about a sense of fluidity in your art whilst gaining expertise in basic skills that will help you to upgrade your abilities for project centric design experience.

By enrolling for this course, you will fast-track your career growth by sharpening your skills and industry mentorship along with the international quality education that LJMU is known for. The programme of LJMU that will be delivered here on campus will be at par with what is being taught in the same programme at LJMU, UK.

Course Details

A top-notch curriculum awaits those who enrol for this program. You will do a hands-on learning with state-of-the-art facilities in a campus built for design education to become a world-class designer.

Communication Design encompasses many industries under its wings, many interconnected but each a discipline in is own right too. The interdisciplinary inputs, multi disciplinary approach and the trans disciplinary outcomes are all part of the teaching/learning process with application based, user centric design projects which solve local issues with a world view. Research and documentation are key areas that LJMU emphasises, while the student is encouraged to become an independent designer by the end of the post-graduate degree programme.

External examiners, validation of results and monitoring the quality of delivery will be as per LJMU standards which will put the student at par with his/her counterpart in the UK.

Course Prospects

The entertainment industry is projected to be worth more than US$ 62.2 billion by FY2025. The world has become a smaller place with communication and rapid development in the tools we all use now. The world of tomorrow is only going to need more smart communication through hand held devices and user experience gadgets for creating awareness, for marketing or to bring about social change.

There are very few premier educational institutions in India, which have the skill, expertise or pedagogical knowledge required to train young Indians, in art & design education, to match the present context of culture the industry needs. With LJMU’s degree, the student stands a great chance landing a good placement in the highly creative field of Communication Design.

Entry Requirements

All candidates must be able to satisfy the general admission requirements of the Liverpool John Moores University

In order to gain entry, students should achieve the following:

  • Graduate or an equivalent examination from a recognised University with not less than 45%.
  • Demonstrate creative aptitude by achieving well in an entry test conducted by ISCA. This entry test enables the prospective student’s capacity for Creative Design to be evaluated by faculty members.

Skills to Seek as a Multimedia Professional

The industry needs thorough professionals who have the ability to combine creativity with knowledge of latest technologies. Your success depends on your ability to engage the consumer via compelling visual content.

Career Opportunities

A wide range of high-paying career opportunities await anyone who successfully completes the course and gain professional skills.

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By registering your interest, you are making the first move towards a smart career that will give your talent the right direction. Best wishes!