International School of Creative Arts, Kochi is the leading Art & Design School in South India, that offers an array of exciting programmes in diverse fields such as Animation, VFX, Game Design, Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Photography and UI & UX Design.

We offer programs with credentials ranging from Bachelor to Master Degree and has been persistently maintaining Design Education Standards as set by Quality Assurance Agency, UK.

International Standard of Education

At International School of Creative Arts,Kochi we follow Research based Creative Education, High Academic Standards, Build Professional Networks,Finest Teaching Methodologies and Practices.Innovation and solution to design problems are the focus of our education, where we enable students to become individual thinkers and problem solvers.

Secure Placement Opportunities

ISCA has an in-house placement department which functions with top companies, National and International. We constantly guide and help the students to choose their career and ensure that every eligible student is placed in the appropriate career path.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Every space at International School of Creative Arts is well planned. We understand that creative learning does not always happen in a four walled classrooms. Our education happens in every possible space.We also have well equipped space where students can explore their ideas as an individual or in groups.

Holistic Development

We focus on the holistic development of our students through the amalgamation of a cultural and scientific approach. We offer a student – centred approach to enhance their skills and sensibilities thus providing them with tools to develop in a dynamic environment.

What ISCA Offers You?

Our goal is to create students with excellence in Knowledge, Creative and Technical skills to achieve their goals in a professional and friendly environment. Among many advantages students will be able to experience International Exposure and Practical Oriented Training. We follow student – centric approach entailing the development of a modern system that fosters the creative spirit of students by enhancing their skills, sensibilities and refinement. ISCA propagates a subject – specific expertise that helps the student to Master the Design Process, Learn depth and breadth of Art & Design principles,Theories and Practice which equips students with Curiosity,Experimentation and Exploration.International School of Creative Arts, Kochi pride itself on our Art Labs, Tech Savvy Classrooms, Industry Experienced Faculties and Friendly Environment.


What Makes ISCA Stand Out

Learn With Experts

ISCA has chosen to appoint eminent faculty members who have risen in the field through years of expertise and international exposure. Other than their specialization, our faculty are well-versed in all the realms within Creative studies and Designing, thus opening ground for deliberation and discourses resulting in in-depth knowledge of multiple fields. This interdisciplinary and holistic approach enables students to enhance their skill sets, and constantly remain inquisitive and curious as a thinker, student and practitioner.


Along with multiple career options and placement opportunities, ISCA offers doors to meet tons of new and interesting people along with an option to be a part of different design hubs, student organisations and clubs. We will enhance overall student experience and provide connections and networking opportunities along the way.


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Women’s Day

23 Mar
12 am - 12 am

Ashwa 2019

02 Oct
12 am - 12 am

Gandhi Jayanti

31 Oct
12 am - 12 am

Halloween Day

Wall of Woman – Largest Graffiti in Kerala

Check out the video glimpses of our student’s creative imagination unfold in a blank wall… it came out as India’s first and largest authorized Graffitti by any Art & Design college campus…

Wall of Woman - Largest Graffiti in Kerala

Check out the video glimpses of our student's creative imagination unfold in a blank wall... it came out as India's first and largest authorized Graffitti by any Art & Design college campus...

Posted by ISCA - International School of Creative Arts on Saturday, 9 March 2019

Student Testimonials

International School of Creative Arts is among best creative college in Kerala. Good college with good faculties.Good teaching methods.Professional faculties with experience.
Sai Suryan I BA Creative Art & Design
The atmosphere here is wonderful and the college has good faculties and good teaching methods.The faculties has helped me improve my skills in art and design.The faculties and staffs are very nice and kind to the students.I am having a wonderful experience in this college.
Saldan A N I BA Creative Art & Design
This college is basically heavenly for me. After coming from a non creative atmosphere I feel like I'm in heaven. The faculties are so supportive and helpful they really appreciate our efforts. They give really good creative advice and helps in our research. The path we are taking is a major example for a solid path. I knew my career is secured with them. The atmosphere is so good here and it helps me work a lot. I do the majority of my work here at the campus.
Sooraj Jayachandran I BA Creative Art & Design
This college is very good and it is rich with a beautiful , calm and peaceful ambience. I am very much interested in doing Research visual Journal(RVJ) here rather than doing in hostel. I love the way the faculty teach here. This campus helps in nurturing and growing our creative career and I am sure that my design career is safe here.
Jumana Abdul Salam I BA Creative Art & Design
Isca is entirely different from other design colleges.. The faculties and the environment are best for learning.
Sijo Thomas II BA VFX
The college is awesome . We really have fun doing our assessment work. The club activities and are very exciting. I really love being here.
Aan Anna Antony I BA Creative Art & Design
The college has exceeded my expectations. I thought I would have to do the same sort of mugging up of textbooks as I did in school, but that wasn't the case. The college teaches us how to improve our creativity and focus on our skills and develop them and provides us with the perfect environment to do the same. The faculty is friendly and is always available to help us out with our work and assignments and it's great to see that the teachers, unlike certain other colleges, actually put in work and effort to help us grow in our respective fields.
Aishwarya I BA Creative Art & Design
ISCA has very good set of teachers having industrial experience who can guide us. ISCA also provides environment to show art works to the public and also express our creativity. Students are also exposed to events such as Unite India 2019 and kochi design week all because of networking skills that the college has.
Jackson Charles I MA Creative Art & Design
So far ISCA has been a dope experience for me. I never expected the staff to be highly experienced, especially from the cinema field. They are very cooperative and the facility this institution provides is Spot –ON. Every activity they put up is so well organised and energetic.
Athul Sam I MA Creative Art & Design

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