Advisory Board

ISCA’s Advisory Board consists of an elite global array of informed professionals whose wisdom, skills, and sector experience guide us to ensure that our programs are industry – relevant and future-ready.

Johnathon Vaughn Strebly

Service Design

Johnathon Vaughn Strebly is a creative Design (ICO-D). Johnathon was the National President for Graphic Designers of Canada.

As a design director, mentor, and advocate for creativity, Johnathon provides environments where innovative thinking is encouraged. Johnathon has directly influenced designers navigating the unique challenges of today’s design environment by developing, implementing and sharing his experience within curriculum design, advisory committees, consulting and programming for design agencies and educational institutions.

As President-Elect of the International Council of Design (ICO-D), Johnathon brings decades of experience and involvement in the applied arts, encouraging growth and change in creative industries, challenging and contributing to the contemporary fabric of design today, and tomorrow.

He founded the brand strategy and communications agency The Notice Group in 2000, is the former Director of Creative Services for HCMA Architecture + Design, past president of the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), previous GDC National Ethics Chair, and past president of the Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC). He is also a founding committee member, organizer, and co-host of CreativeMornings Vancouver and Interesting Vancouver.

David Ludlow

Design for Urban Infrastructure & Smart Cities

David Ludlow is an associate professor in European Smart Cities at University of West of England, Bristol.

David is an urban planner with substantial practice-based experience in government agencies and consultancy in UK. For the past 25 years, he has promoted applied research on urban governance and sustainable development in an academic environment. He is member of the EU Expert Group on the Urban Environment, providing scientific and technical expertise
to DG Environment for the European Sustainable Cities Project, and is advisor to DG Connect (European Commission) for the
Open Governance Programme.

Overall, he has been responsible for the development and implementation of more than 50 major EU funded research projects, as well as international research projects.

All these research and innovation projects in various ways focus on the development of smart governance tools, methodologies and intelligence delivered by open, integrated and interoperable decision-making processes, supporting the attainment of policy objectives for mitigation of climate change and creation of sustainable cities.

Paula Graham Gazzard

Director at Contemporary Visual Arts Network

Paula Gazzard is an experienced research and policy manager with a particular interest in creative industries and social impact of digital / AI technologies as well as wider social and diversity policies. She has a real passion for understanding complex issues from a range of perspectives to generate innovative policy ideas. She uses a variety of approaches to design, commission, and review research that is vital to developing

effective, evidence-based strategies and compelling narratives. With 30 years in impact research and 5 years’ policy management experience, she possesses the knowledge and expertise to develop and deliver a policy strategy and communicate complex ideas effectively to diverse stakeholders
and policymakers.

She has up her sleeves over 20 years of experience in design through collaborative, cross-disciplinary and cross-sector research. This includes public engagement consultancy in UKRI-funded design through research collaborations as well as working with NGOs to design and develop innovative services supported by interactive digital platforms. External relations, networking, partnership development, writing for publication, and public speaking are key to her work as well as monitoring digital innovation policy and trends.

Lydia Thornley

Design for Branding & Communication

Lydia Thornley is a London-based graphic designer, creative director and live illustrator with over three decades of creative industry experience. Lydia is also a speaker on design practice and process.

She graduated from Canterbury College of Art (now UCA) and worked at leading London design practices before setting up her own studio.

Lydia Thornley is based at an innovative co-working space in London’s Olympic park. Lydia works solo and collaboratively on brand, communication and reportage projects for business, charity and education clients.

Ashish S K

Founder Punnaryug Art Vision Pvt Ltd

Ashish S.K. is known to be the most dedicated and colourful personality in the animation industry. Over the past 19 years, he has set up world-class animation studios in India, created the finest original Indian animated contents, and has
successfully completed and marketed several animation films for studios in Hollywood. He was recently awarded “The Creative Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2015 by Entrepreneur magazine.

Ninad Chhaya

COO – WITS Interactive / Co-Founder & COO - GoPhygital

An entrepreneur and an avid gamer at heart, Mr, Ninad with over 20 years of experience in gaming and the interactive media space is focused on providing immersive, experiential solutions to his client-partners using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Game Development as the four core
offerings. Ninad’s foray into gaming began when he co-founded Indiagames Ltd.