User Interface and User Experience is a high-demand field with immense potential for career growth. Today, customers want unique experiences while using an application, website or software. UI/UX professionals organize and structure content to create this experience.

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This program equips you with skills necessary to develop interactive features that drive customers.

This course will allow you to explore emerging technologies in the field of web design, mobile apps, etc. You will learn to build application that people will enjoy to use.

Once you complete the course, you will be able to develop compelling designs for mobile, and website applications.

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Course Details

The course is set to suite people who are new to UI/UX design upgrade their skills and reach a point where they can get hired or grab freelance contract works. The unique range of topics covered in this course will give you everything you need to design interfaces that will glue users’ eyes to it. This design-centric UI/UX course equips you to make interfaces that function seamlessly using right color, type, and imagery. You will learn the best practices and conventions in UI/UX design and learn how to enhance users’ experience. You will also learn how to use Adobe XD efficiently and create high quality output.

•    Introduction to UI/UX
•    Adobe XD
•    Wireframes
•    Mock Ups
•    Typography