Lydia Thornley

Designer, Creative Director

Lydia Thornley is a London-based graphic designer, creative director and live illustrator with over three decades of creative industry experience. Lydia is also a speaker on design practice and process. She graduated from Canterbury College of Art (now UCA) and worked at leading London design practices before setting up her own studio.

Lydia Thornley is based at an innovative co-working space in London’s Olympic park. Lydia works solo and collaboratively on brand, communication and reportage projects with clients in enterprise, education, charities, NGOs, and public sector besides her own projects. She works with like-minded and creative collaborators who are specialists in their own fields.

She brings with her enthusiasm, integrity, knowledge, organization and a love of things that are well created. Everything she does is driven by a spirit of enquiry. Her decades of experience makes her eligible to be considered as a long-term design partner.