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Animation is a profession that demands strong imaginative skills and cutting-edge technical skills. ISCA’s program in animation teaches you to let your creativity run free and create exceptional characters.

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ISCA’s postgraduate program in animation teaches you how to let your imagination run free and create characters that leap off the page and screen.

This postgraduate program allows you to gain an in-depth knowledge about the key areas of animation. With this course, you can enhance your skills and job prospects at the same time.

After completion of the course, you will develop expertise across different production processes and gain necessary entrepreneurial skills.

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Course Details

The curriculum is planned out in a way that every student gets hands-on practical knowledge needed to develop creative output and get noticed in the industry.

The many things that Animation includes are the fundamentals of 2D and 3D animation, allied fields that lend into animation such as lighting, rigging, rendering and creating characters from scratch. Depending on the project worked on, you will use simulation with compositing with 3D particles and various effects as required.

Course Prospects

A wide array of opportunities await anyone who steps into the world of animation. As an animator, you can work with professionals from different fields like entertainment industry, film and media and the like.

Entry Requirements

Students should achieve the Graduation from a recognised University with not less than 45% marks.

Demonstrate creative aptitude by achieving well in an entry test conducted by ISCA. This entry test enables the prospective student’s Aptitude for Art and Design to be evaluated by faculty members.