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In an Animation workshop, the students went through the process of creating 2D animation using flipbooks and 3D animation using softwares like Daz Studio Pro. Adding to the experience was the sheer joy of seeing interesting and creative outputs from this workshop, which pushed the students out of the comfort zone towards exploration and innovative creatives.

Animation is the process of bringing illustrations or inanimate objects to life through motion pictures. Animation techniques manipulate photos and drawings to give the illusion of movement and present a narrative to viewers on screen. Some consider early Grecian pottery as an early form of animation, depicting scenes of movement and expressions along its surface, like a comic strip.

ISCA held an animation workshop on campus where students learnt the basics of 3D and 2D animation. 

The workshop began with self-introductions and portfolio presentations. After which the session began with Introduction about Animation, Different types of Animation and Animation production pipeline. Additionally the students learnt Clay modeling and Digital sculpting, Involvement of Art in Animation, Importance of Animation in Visual effects and Games, Augment reality and Virtual reality and Holoportation. 

For the first Interactive session, the students learnt how to create a human face in 3D with expressions with Daz Studio Pro edition and Facegen Pro. A student was picked among the group to take reference photos of his face from all sides and the pictures were uploaded in the software. The students created his face in 3D and showed different facial expressions and anatomical modifications with the help of Daz Studio Pro edition.

In the second Interactive session, the students were experimenting with short animations using lightbox and stop-motion applications. They were introduced to the mobile application “Stop Motion Studio” for stop motion animation and “Flip a Clip”  for  hand-drawn animation techniques. 

The students created animations using these applications (Flip a Clip and Stop Motion Studio). They were provided materials like flip books and drawing tools and were asked to create a small flip book animation with their own imagination. All of them created  different themes like sunsets, flowers blooming, stick-man animations etc.

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