Biomimicry Workshop at Thekkady

The students got a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a 2-day Biomimicry and Nature Camp Workshop at Thekkady as a part of their curriculum, on 25th and 26th march 2023, accompanied by their faculties.

On Day 1, the students arrived at the Aruvikuzhi viewpoint, where they took the time to blend with nature, collected pebbles and created a pebbles installation. After this, the students went to a forest and participated in the Biomimicry workshop led by Mr Rafiq. The students were given an example of how a simple pine cone can be used to compare with the buildings around us. Later, the students were divided department-wise and explored the forests and observed their surroundings to gain inspiration for their designs and artworks. The forest guard taught about how people and nature co-exist without hurting each other or trespassing into the other’s territory. There haven’t been any animal attacks reported so far as well.

In the evening, the students participated in an ice-breaking session around a campfire, where everyone got the chance to share their experiences and become one with nature.

On Day 2, students arrived at Amaravati Meditation Centre, where they woke up early to watch the sunrise and start their day with peace and calmness. After breakfast, everyone went to Periyar Tiger Reserve Forest, where they found connections between design and nature. The students collected leaves and created a colour palette and gradient using different coloured leaves. The students observed the texture of tree barks, fruits, grass etc and connect their design thinking with nature. After this, everyone gathered at a Lakeside and observed the differences between Lakeside and Forest side nature. 

After lunch, everyone started their journey back home.  

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