Interactive Session with Mr. Andreas Schleicher

Students were given the opportunity to attend an interactive session with Mr. Andreas Schleicher.

ISCA students were given an opportunity to have an interactive session with Mr Andreas Schleicher, one of the founding members of the Institute of Information Design Japan – IIDj, where he has been involved in planning, designing, and editing publications on Information Design, Urbanism, Architecture, and Mobility since 1999. Throughout the workshop, Mr Andreas explored different ways of unlocking the creative talents of designers. He familiarized the participants with simple websites that he developed by himself, which were like better version of Google maps, website to know about the weather conditions, etc.

According to him, the key to making better designs is to ask yourself questions like – why this should be the way it is? Why should not be it in a different manner? The key to finding inspiring output lies in the answers to these questions.

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