Visual Effects Shoot in Production

Taking full advantage of the Croma studio and the inputs of experts, the students attended a workshop on visual effects and the output is certainly most inspiring! We know how sorely we have all missed these hands-on sessions in the last two years!

Visual effects is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking and video production. The integration of live-action footage and other live-action footage or CGI(computer generated imagery) elements to create realistic imagery is called VFX.

Computer-Generated Imagery, abbreviated as CGI, creates still or animated visual content with computer software. CGI is also called 3D imaging or 3D Rendering. CGI usually refers to the 3D computer graphics used to create characters, scenes, and other special effects in movies, television, and games. This technology is also used in advertising, architecture, engineering, virtual reality, and even art. In traditional photography, film or a digital camera captures an image where computer-generated images are created in computer software. Three-dimensional (3D) outputs are often connected with CGI. Still, CGI can also create two-dimensional (2D) effects.

In a recent workshop, we covered students’ hands-on experience with live and Chroma shoots for visual effects. The students practised several technical aspects of production here, including chroma sequence, lighting for chroma scenes, synchronising lighting for chroma shots from live plates, and sizing angles between live and chroma shots.

Using multiple lenses and matching perspectives of live plate and CGI, the students understood the technical aspects of taking a live backdrop for the full CGI shot. A highly technical input which is becoming hugely popular across all digital platforms, the campus and lab came alive with this workshop as students of VFX were immersed in exploring and mastering the process.

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