Each artistic creation by one of our students is a reflection of their distinct perspectives and skills because they put their whole hearts and souls into it. This show is a celebration of their dedication and enthusiasm, with mesmerising paintings that capture the essence of life and are a monument to ability and dedication.

Orientation Day 2023

The inaugural session for the Academic Year 2023-24 batches was held on 17th August ’23, where all the Parents and Students were present.


Storytelling has evolved into a crucial tool that elevates design to new levels of creativity, resonance, and effect. It may be used to engage users, foster emotional connections, communicate complicated ideas, shape brand identity, or even drive behaviour.

Biomimicry Workshop at Thekkady

The students got a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a 2-day Biomimicry and Nature Camp Workshop at Thekkady as a part of their curriculum, on 25th and 26th march 2023, accompanied by their faculties.