Kochi Design Week Invite

Kochi Design Week preparations have begun and ISCA students are all set to showcase their creative abilities!

Fashion Photography Workshop at ISCA

The Undergraduate students of Photography Department and Fashion Design got an opportunity to get trained under the Industry Expert Mr. Naseef Gafoor; Photographer and Visual Content Producer to shoot M.A. Fashion Design students Couture Collections.

Imagine a World Without Images

From Nature’s visual craft, let us now turn our attention to the visuals that we humans create– like a billboard on the street, a luxury car, an art exhibition, retail website, etc. Do these visuals have any purpose beyond its immediate functionality? Are we able to understand the purpose and meaning of the visuals we see in our daily life?

Induction Day 9 for PG students

PG students were given a task on Stop Motion Animation to foster their problem solving and creative thinking skills and to set the stage for modern day animation.

Game Design Document explained using Crazy-Fishin Game

Game development process involves team work of various professionals like designers, artists, programmers, testers, etc. For their team work to succeed, all the members must possess a clear idea of what the game is all about. So, in order to avoid that, the entire process of game development is documented in detail.